Alexandra Hunts


The urge of understanding and rationalizing the reality in which we live brought us to a systematic and logical interpretation of the world.We created relics of standarts to measure and value our world. The present is determined by a small number of measurement units, the so-called International System of Units A kilogram, a meter, a second, mole, keelvin, ampera, north, south, this are the fixed points that act as references and building blocks for many thoughts, acts and theories that construct our reality. Nowadays we are perceptually and conceptually bound by these conventions. This artificial system becomes a new reality. We trust in it so much that it becomes comparable to a new universal religion. 
But what do we actually know about the all-defining seven base units of the system of measurement? What is their relation with the natural world? What do they stand for? Some of these units are so abstract that they are not even directly related to anything in the world, but they represent the standard/prototype of themselves. 
In this project I attempt to come closer to the understanding of the abstract concepts of mass, time, length, temperature. How can we visualize something that does not exist but has a unit? Which form can the “Kilogram”, the “meter”, and the “second” take? How do we experience the world through these artificial units of metric system and how they influence our interpretation of what we experience? How do we understand their impact on the real world? By exploring aspects of nature, time, and space I am testing belief systems, exposing what is ‘real’ and ‘true’ in our environment. I try to remind us that we cannot understand everything.