Alexandra Hunts


Project made for Rabobank Goeree-Overflakkee in Middelharnis.
This series represents a one-day journey through the island Goeree Overflakkee, which is surrounded by water. For this project I travelled through the island to observe and to photograph the landscape. This Dutch landscape is completely artificial, the landscape fights with water for ages to control the sea and the rivers. The images of the island that I made during my journey are recycled into new composed landscapes in my studio.
Images produce mirages. These landscapes are different from what we are used to see. They do not belong to any geographical location but they exist between the real world and the human imagination. They are nearly impossible combinations of the sea and the sky. Uncontrollable waters of the sea frozen with silence of photography.
This series consists of 9 photographs and begins with an early morning and ends with a dark night. Each photograph is constructed from images of a certain location on the island and thus corresponds to that location.
“Verstilde wateren” (Still Waters) shows confrontation between reconstructed horizon and nature, between artificial and natural. Photography plays as a medium that transforms organic forms into a physical world of paper.