The understanding of the world requires frames of knowledge. With my work I am trying to find an epistemic basis on which the world can be shaped and given an order. Handcraft, uniqueness and aura of the work of art that can exist in serial works and is in contrast with the reproduction, copy and mass manufactured goods.
I am like a sculptor or an installation artist who uses photography as a tool. The information changes and shifts between analogue and digital, between two-dimensional and three-dimensional. I see this shifting as a great source of inspiration and use it to show the complexity of today’s world.

Through subtle manipulation, I draw attention to the role of the photography in the production and experience of images. With each project I try to challenge the audiences trust in the veracity of the medium and its mechanisms as a system of representation. In exposing the various artifices of the photographic medium I question how and why photography acquires a seductive truthfulness in the eyes of its viewers.